Sally Beaumont

Piano, Flute, Harp Teacher - Arranger, Composer 


General Information

  1. I'm having an outdoor ceremony. Will the harp be loud enough?

    Yes.  The sound of the harp carries surprisingly well outdoors.  It does not compete well with other noise though so if you are getting married right next a busy street or by a surf beach then this will not be a good choice.

  2. I'm getting married in a large church or other indoor venue. Will the harp require amplification?

    No.  During ceremonies, where there is little other background noise, the harp will be strong enough to be heard by all.

  3. Will you attend our wedding rehearsal?

    No. It's not necessary as long as you have informed me of any special requests or of anything that is to happen out of the normal order of things.  The celebrant can direct me on the day as to where to set up and can discuss any last minute details with me.

  4. What if it's raining?

    If you are planning an outdoor event, please ensure you have a back-up plan in the event of rain.  No refunds will be given if I am unable to play due to bad weather.

  5. How will I know how to time my walk down the aisle to your music?

    You don't need to worry about this at all.  I will be watching your progress down the aisle and will time the music to fit with you.  When you have reached the altar, I will either end the piece in an appropriate place, or if this is not possible, I will just fade the music out as the celebrant begins to speak.

  6. Do we need to meet with you before the day?

    No but you are welcome to meet with me in my home either before or after you book to hear me play in person and discuss music selection.

    Most clients however find this is not necessary as I'm easily contactable by email and my song list, along with sound samples of many of the songs, are available on my website for you to browse.

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